Why Choose US

Psychologists study how others think, feel, and behave. The ACOLP Psychological Science curriculum prepares students to use psychological concepts and methods in everyday life. Students receive a breadth of knowledge and hands-on experiences in applied, professional, and scientific psychology. Additionally, consistent with ACOLP's emphasis on public affairs, there are courses on the application of psychology to current social issues and public policy. Interdisciplinary sequences in Leadership, Legal Studies, and Neuroscience allow students to integrate Psychological Science with other majors such as Economics, Government, and the biological sciences so that they can develop the expertise that will expand their career options.

Who is attracted to ACOLP?

Doers, Thinkers, Starters, Makers, Problem Solvers, Questioners

ACOLP students learn by the unique liberal arts philosophy of “learning for the sake of doing.” They are excited to extend their learning beyond the classroom and realize that experience enhances their theory and research.

ACOLP students thrive when balancing rigorous academics with a life outside of the classroom. They enjoy the close-knit, collaborative, diverse community, dedicated to the free exchange of ideas. ACOLP students seek to better the world around us to solve real-world problems through innovation and entrepreneurial approaches. They are grounded by the spirit of free exchange of ideas and they recognize the challenges faced by diverse people all across the world.

Dynamic Intellectual Community

  • Learn about academic programs where students have access to professors and small classes.
  • ACOLP students graduate with a well-rounded knowledge and developed writing, speaking, analytical, and interpretive skills by fulfilling the College’s general education requirements.
  • Learn how to be a leader in a global society by obtaining opportunities through the Center for Global Education.

A Collaborative, Inclusive, and Diverse School Community

  • Multi-partisan in philosophies, we offer an inclusive community who value diverse backgrounds, voices, and ideas. Additionally, the CARE Center provides a place for civil dialogue and expression while providing resources to support inclusion and remove barriers to success.


Professional Development Opportunities to Prepare for Life after ACOLP

  • Pursue a semester studying off-campus while simultaneously interning at a technology firm in Silicon Valley or a government-related opportunity in Washington D.C.
  • Career Services equips ACOLP students with the knowledge, skills, and resources to find meaningful opportunities while at ACOLP and beyond.
  • Meet today’s leaders from a variety of fields by engaging with them and the ACOLP community in an intimate and relaxed environment.


Our Approach

We never discourage any approach in any field, as we believe in evolution. If you do not explore new angle, Things will not change and we believe that life is all about change. 

As we all know that psychology can be read, followed or explored only if human being or creature who behaves or responds exists, In other words anything which has life, Responds/Reacts and then there comes the concept of psychology. WE CALL IT LIFE PSYCHOLOGY.

Quality VS Quantity

We do not believe in organizing big classes, our approach is pretty much simple. We believe in quality, rather than quantity. We have limited seats, so that we can make our classes more interactive, experimental.

Expert Mentor 

Our Mentor Aacharya Kamlesh has a vast experience of 20 years in field of psychology as a researcher and counsellor. With this experience whatever knowledge gained, Aacharya Kamlesh want to  return it back to society in form of Life-Psychology Courses, so that an social impact can be made.