Please find below the following information to assist you with the financial and administration side of your ACOLP experience:

Payment terms:

  • Fees paid upfront for the year (in which cash a 5% discount may be applied if payment is made two weeks before term commences), or
  • Fees paid upfront for the term (payable before the commencement of term), or
  • Deposit and monthly debit order. These amounts are detailed on your proforma invoice.

Annual Registration Fee:

Please note that once a student has been placed in class, the annual registration fee is due and payable in full and is not refundable.

A registration fee is charged on an annual basis, and thus will be payable once again for a student's second Semester of studies, until they have completed their qualification.

Application Fee:

 An application fee is charged on application and is not refundable whether the application is successful or unsuccessful.

Invoices and Proforma Invoices:

 Proforma invoices (quotations) are provided to students prior to the commencement of each academic year and they are based on a student's study plan at the time of issue. Please note that should a student amend their study plan during the course of the year, this may have implications on their fees.

  • Students are invoiced on a termly basis, based on the modules they are taking in a particular term. It will thus take three terms to be fully billed for a year of study.