WILP(Work Integrated Learning)

While you strive to excel in a your career, we aim to provide you with the highest quality education experience relevant to your specialization along with opportunities to upgrade and stay relevant, without you having to give up your job. Because our Work Integrated Learning Programmes (WILP) have been carefully designed with a focus on industry. So that your work helps you prepare for our programme and vice versa. A win-win, according to us.


Which qualifications include the work integrated learning module?

The following ACOLP qualifications include 200 hours of work integrated learning:

  • Advanced Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills
  • Diploma in Counselling and Communication
  • Bachelor of Applied Social Managent degree

Opportunities in WILP :



What does work integrated learning include?

  • Preparatory workshops that fine tune and focus your counselling knowledge and skills for real-world application
  • A cross-cultural workshop to raise awareness of diversity and prepare you for the challenge of a work setting.
  • One-on- one client interaction and case management.
  • Expert supervision to support you through work integrated learning, give you constructive feedback, and further develop your skills.

Why It is best to choose WILP?

In today’s fast moving world, most of the working professionals feel stagnant at their respective jobs after certain tenure. They believe there is no learning happening whatsoever and most of the times they are unaware about newly introduced industry trends and global practices within their respective domains. This intrigues them to look for work integrated learning programmes and courses that would upgrade their skills and make them efficient enough to run the latest projects successfully.

To bridge this gap of industry specific needs and uplift the careers of working professionals, Aadinath Healing University has introduced Industry Work Integrated Learning Programmes.