The program is designed with some specific competencies which are sustained by personal and professional dispositions. Even though you're not a  psychology major, you can definitely benefit from learning more about the human mind and behavior by taking a psychology course. Many universities require students to take at least one class in psychology or a related topic such as sociology or anthropology. Why is psychology often included as part of a core general education requirement? There are a few great reasons.

A. A democratic attitude that respects the worth, uniqueness, and potential for growth and development of all individuals.

B. Personal stability, ethical behavior, and respect for the confidentiality of privileged information.

C. Maintaining a professional manner in which responsibilities are discharged in a cooperative and conscientious fashion.

D. Productive work habits that display motivation, competence, independence, and adaptability.

E. Appreciation and commitment to continuing professional growth to include involvement in professional associations for school psychologists.